What is my credit note if I can get a housing loan?

A housing loan is a type of loan applied by those who want to own a house. Can each applicant receive the loan amount he / she wants? In line with the credit rating, housing loan applicants may have any amount they wish. Individuals can learn the credit rating via e-government inquiry system.

What is a Credit Rating?

What is a Credit Rating?

Credit rating is a system in which an individual is scored economically as a result of analyzing all transactions made through banks. In this scoring, credit cards, credit transactions and the payment status of these transactions take an important place.

Credit Registration Bureau to apply for credit calculation in Turkey. The Credit Registration Office was established as a result of the partnership of nine banks.

How is Credit Rating Calculated?

How is Credit Rating Calculated?

Certain points are taken into consideration when creating a credit rating.

The credit grade calculation is based on percentages. The person’s credit rating; the order of payment of the loans drawn, the existence of another loan debt, the amount of the loan received, how often it applies to the loan and similar features determine.

How Much Should A Credit Rating Be For Taking A Home Loan?


The credit rating of the person who wants to withdraw credit is first checked. Depending on the credit rating, the person’s risk group and housing loans are determined. The first thing that comes to mind for people who want to take out housing loans is the question of how many should be my credit grade.

  • It is known that people with zero credit ratings have never had contact with the bank before. Since the information cannot be obtained by looking at the credit rating, there is a possibility of using a housing loan depending on the income of the person.
  • People with a credit rating between 1 and 699 are among the most risky. Persons belonging to this group are less likely to receive housing loans.
  • People with a credit rating between 700 and 1099 are in the medium-risk group. Although the risk of medium-risk group members is low for housing loans, the rate of obtaining loans by guarantor or mortgage increases.
  • People with a credit rating between 1100 and 1499 belong to the low-risk group. There is the possibility of obtaining housing loans both depending on income and through mortgage and guarantor.
  • Persons with a credit rating between 1500 and 1699 have good status in terms of credit rating. People in this group are likely to receive housing loans. There is no need for a guarantor or mortgage in order to get credit.
  • People with a credit rating between 1700 and 1900 have a very high rate of housing loans. They do not need a guarantor and mortgage for credit.

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